Bill Maher Jokes He’s A ‘House N****r’ On ‘Real Time’

Comedian Bill Maher dropped a racial slur in a joke Friday on ?Real Time,? and people erupted on social media.

While discussing the state of Nebraska, his guest, Republican Sen. Ben Sasse, told Maher, ?We?d love to have you work in the fields with us.?

Apparently confused by the invitation, Maher joked ?Work in the fields? Senator, I?m a house n****r!?

Sasse looked uncomfortable, and the audience reacted with a mix of claps and groans. Then Maher, a critic of political correctness, followed up his remark by pointing out the sarcasm. 

?No, it?s a joke,? he said.

The ?Real Time? audience seemed to quickly forgive the host with a round of applause. Waving off the reaction with his hand, Maher replied, ?Thank you.?

People on Twitter, however, weren?t so forgiving. 

His fans reminded Maher that the word is completely off-limits to him and any person who isn?t black ? even if the comedian rejects PC policing. Others are comparing Maher?s joke with Kathy Griffin?s shocking photo shoot of her holding a likeness of Trump?s bloody severed head, which outraged conservatives and liberals alike.

Maher hasn?t responded to the outrage yet, and, if he does, it probably won?t be an apology.

The comedian, whose career hinges off his no-holds-barred sarcasm, believes that PC culture has become a dangerous vehicle in today?s politics and has warned Democrats to ?ease up on the identity politics.? He?s even blamed PC culture for President Donald Trump?s win.

But if people are wondering if it?s OK for Maher to casually drop the slur as a joke, we?ll let the Twitter outrage answer that question.

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Jay Z Staged A ‘Candid’ Photo With Kevin Hart Because He Is A Damn Pro

Jay Z knows what looks good (hell, the man is married to Beyoncé) so it?s no surprise that he was caught directing a photographer at a basketball game on Thursday night.

The famed rapper and business mogul was at Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers and was spotted being friendly with comedian Kevin Hart. Their interaction ? obviously ? garnered the attention of the paparazzi. Um, hello, two big stars chatting it up? Yeah, that?s a photo op.

As Jay noticed the photographers snapping away, smiling ear-to-ear, he said, ?Take the picture while we?re talking? to the person behind the camera. He then immediately resumed play-laughing/hand-shaking with Hart.

The video of him calling the shots is hilarious:

The moment is so incredibly cheesy while also being so dang real. Who among us has not directed a photographer? Jay Z isn?t new here, he knows his angles. And Twitter LOVES that about him.

Here?s what everyone?s been saying about the interaction: 

For what it?s worth, Jay?s efforts were solid ? the resulting photographs are fantastic: 

Moral of the story: Always listen to HOVA.


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7 Things Empty Nest Syndrome Taught Me

In 2010, our daughter went to university and we missed her like crazy. Life carried on until our son also headed off and we were left with a quiet home that I truly experienced empty nest syndrome.

Here are 7 lessons I?ve learned along the way:

1. You will run the gamut of emotions.

We know that our children will grow up and leave home. The feelings of joy and pride and sense of a job well done arrive from knowing that this is what?s meant to happen.

I knew I would miss my daughter but was unprepared for the impact it would have on each of us. I struggled not to cry on the way home from the drop-off at university, even though I knew I would see her shortly. A week after, her fifteen-year-old brother commented, ?I don?t like looking into Lauren?s bedroom and remembering that she has gone, it makes me sad.?

Three years later, he left and driving home from work I listened to poet Pam Ayres read ?A September Song,? a poem she?d written about her sons leaving for university, and I had to stop the car as I couldn?t see through the tears.

Despite all this, I also realized I sleep better and relax more when they?re away ? there?s no one to worry about coming home at night. 

2. You will question your identity as a parent.

When your kids leave, you?re still a parent but without the day-to-day responsibilities and reminders, which can feel strange. Suddenly I found that no one was constantly calling out ?mum.? It felt odd.

I also found that when I talked about my kids and someone asked how old they were, I would feel embarrassed to say that they are now 21 and 18, as if my experiences no longer counted.

3. It will impact your relationship.

Rates of ?gray divorce? are rising both in the UK and US. Though that does happen, it?s not inevitable. Instead, we found it was an opportunity to refresh our relationship and we, like many others, started to have cheeky weekends away and to travel further for our holidays.

4. Your house will seem too big.

Suddenly it?s quiet at home. The house can even seem too big and too quiet. You will miss many of the things that you previously complained about. There is a reduction in the volume of laundry, ironing, cooking and the house stays tidy. 

5. Technology is a double-edged sword.

Modern technology enables us to keep in touch in a way that previous generations would have envied. But be forewarned, you might not like what you see of your children on social media.  

6. You need to make plans.

Don?t let it take you by surprise. We know that this is going to happen and we have the opportunity to plan for it. It is not uncommon for us to bury our heads in the sand and be preoccupied with exam results. Many of us need to fill the time so that we don?t dwell on what?s missing. Travel more! Pick hobbies back up! Rediscover new passions! Make a list of the things you would like to do and get out there and do them!

7. They come back!

Finally, remember that they will return. Just when you?ve got used to the peace and quiet, semesters end or they decide they want some home comforts and back they come! The number of college graduates returning to live with their parents continues to grow. 


Suzanne Mountain?s redundancy in 2016 was the kick in the pants she needed to take a risk and set up her own coaching business. She is on a mission to empower midlife individuals to create and manage change in their personal & business lives. You can find her here







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Celebrities’ Plastic Surgery Records Lifted In Massive Theft

Which celebrities had work done is often one of the best-kept secrets.

Or at least it used to be.

A former employee allegedly stole the records of 15,000 patients ? including the rich and famous ? from a Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice on iconic Rodeo Drive, CBS Los Angeles reported Thursday.

A spokesperson for Dr. Zain Kadri?s office told the station that the staffer also took photos of patients during their procedures and posted them on social media. Some of the alleged activities came to light during a company audit.

The office reported the thefts to the Los Angeles County Sheriff?s Department and has alerted clients, the station noted.

The sheriff?s department confirmed to the New York Daily News that it was investigating and that the ex-worker was ?being sought for questioning.?

According to the tabloid, the photos of unconscious patients were discovered after the accused, who was no longer employed by the office, violated a restraining order recently and left behind her cellphone as police escorted her away from a record-keeping storage facility offsite. She apparently also had taken pictures of patients? credit card numbers and other sensitive information.

As for who among the prominent might be at risk, the spokesperson said: ?Quite a few of our patients are people that would be recognizable and are of an affluential status,? LAist reported.

?This whole thing is turned upside down, we?re finding out more and more everyday. We?re focusing on trying to take care of the patients,? the spokesperson told LAist.

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